Waterfun, the nautical products and watersports company, is proud to present the CBoard.


CBoard is a waterboard designed for the practice of towed snorkelling or diving by a boat or jetski. Its goal is to enable the observation of large underwater areas with minimal physical strain without compromising security.


CBoard allows the user (CBoarder) to perform maneuvers in several directions or even for acrobatics. The CBoard may be handled with only one hand, allowing the CBoarder to film, take pictures or notes, and equalizing.


CBoard can also be fitted with a camera if the CBoarder wishes to collect images of his journey with no additional hassle.


Several CBoards may be used at once to pull several divers, thus maximizing the fun and sharing the many points of interest in regard to the flora and fauna they are passing.


Submersion time may be maximized by using the CBoard together with diving bottles.


CBoard may also be used in areas where motorboats are forbidden because the towing speed (3 to 5 km per hour) is fully compatible with the use of electric motors.


CBoard may be used by amateurs as a leisure/water fun activity, easily promoted by resorts and beachside hotels, or it may be used by professionals in a prospecting capacity.











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