How to hold it: hold the CBoard with both hands in the handling slit.


Start: the CBoarder, equipped with the basic snorkelling gear (mask, breathing tube and flippers) enters the water holding on to the CBoard and waits as the boat distances itself and fully stretches the tow cable.


Surface position/snorkelling (the concave side must be facing down):

ยท      holding the CBoard with both hands in the handling slit, the CBoarder stretches his/her arms out. No active strength is required.


Snorkelling/scuba diving maneuvers (the CBoarder is required to turn the CBoard upside down so that concave side faces up):


  • Submersion: tilt the CBoard slightly toward the sea floor.


  • Emersion: tilt the CBoard slightly upward to return to the surface


  • Lateral maneuvers: maintaining both hands in the slit, the CBoarder can turn either way by relaxing the opposite hand.


  • Equalization: the CBoard is easily worked with only one hand, allowing the diver to easily complete equalization procedures.


Number of CBoarders: metal bars should be applied to enable setting several tow ropes, so that several CBoarders can be towed on the same boat.


Safety: The tow cables must be placed so that there is no risk of contact with the propeller(s). To improve safety the propeller(s) must be protected with a metal net or wire-mesh.