Supply and Services Conditions

First Party: Water Fun, Unipessoal Lda, based in Aveiro, Portugal, taxpayers No. 509840574, hereafter referred to as Water Fun,


Second Party: natural or legal person, hereafter called The Client, who fills in the user registration with the required data and buys products from the menus, listed in the site,

Celebrate in good faith, the following contract.

The Client accepts, after consultation of the characteristics of products on the site, that he understands and agrees, freely, with this contract.

The Client will be, in all cases, the recipient of the Water Fun products purchased, whether for his private use or for use by third parties, under conditions that he will establish and for which he assumes sole responsibility.

Both parties, Water Fun and The Client (Second Party), are interested in formalizing this present agreement accepting the terms and conditions set forth in the following clauses:

1 - Registration

1.1. All data filled in by the customer in and its veracity are the sole responsibility of the client.

Any extra cost or error incurred based on information filled out incorrectly will be the responsibility of The Client.

1.2. All data entered into will never be provided to third parties by Water Fun, ensuring the privacy of all its customers, unless they expressly agree otherwise.

2 - Shipping

2.1. Items purchased via are shipped by companies contracted for this purpose with an average delivery of 3 days to mainland Portugal, 6 days to the Azores and Madeira, and from 3 to 13 days for international destinations, after shipment.

2.2. Water Fun is not responsible for delays due to third parties in shipment of the items sold.

2.3. Water Fun has however the responsibility to issue, as well as ensure the delivery of, all items sold.

2.4. The acquired products will only be expedited after confirmation of payment and the relevant shipping costs.

2.5. Once expedited, acceptance of the order is the responsibility of The Client. Should the order not be received within the time frame described in 2.1 above after having received our expedition E-Mail "Issued Order", The Client must contact us to verify the situation.

3 - Cancellation

3.1. Cancellation of orders is not allowed.

4 - Returns & Exchanges

4.1. Water Fun may accept exchanges or returns within 15 days after delivery of the article in Portugal and 30 days after delivery of the article abroad, after consideration by Water Fun, and which must be proposed through the Contacts menu at

4.2. All shipping, banking and process costs associated with the return or exchange process will be the responsibility of The Client.

Only after confirmation of acceptance of Water Fun to exchange or refund, should The Client return the article to the address indicated. The packaging and the products must be in good condition.

4.3 In the case of returns, Water Fun, assumes only the value of the product, not the postage costs. In the case of exchanges, the associated costs are the responsibility of The Client.

5 - Prices and products

5.1 Water Fun reserves the right to, at any time, alter prices, promotions, shipping costs and offers, as well as add, remove or change items marketed, in the interest of providing a better service.

6 - Privacy and Security

6.1 Water Fun has created a strict privacy policy to ensure its commitment to its clients' privacy and the protection of their information. Water Fun has implemented security measures to guarantee it´s system.

Water Fun will never share, sell or rent personal information with third parties without the express permission of their clients, or if subject to a judicial order. 









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